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About 1st Corporate Security Scotland

1st Corporate Security Scotland

1st Corporate Security has been developed as a quality security services supplier designed specifically to meet the needs of corporate customers throughout Scotland.

The Company has developed a formidable reputation for prominent levels of service delivery through a committed and responsive management team.  It has successfully grown by following sensible and sustainable financial disciplines, finding real and unique solutions for end users.

With a desire to continually innovate and utilise the wealth of knowledge within the management team, it recognised that there was a significant gap in the market for a strong and focused regional supplier to support blue-chip corporate customers across Scotland.  To deliver this, 1st Corporate Security was conceived.

With significant experience and commitment from a top proven operator in this market (Colin Ruddie), 1st Corporate Security is developing a credible reputation across a number of key market sectors and offering a real alternative to those customers looking for a true partnership approach.

Colin is passionate about developing that local and responsive support. Through his vast sector experience, he will create and deliver unique and tailored solutions. A key differentiator is the ability to do what is right for the customer and make local decisions without the constraint of internal politics and lengthy processes often found in larger organisations. The flat management structure allows for quick decision making and an ability to retain close working relationships with customers.

There is a clear vision to exceed customers’ needs and a recognition that the employees are key to delivering on expectations. Great emphasis is placed on employee welfare, recognition and personal development alongside leading by example.

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