1st Corporate Security recently launched a brand new website in partnership with Glasgow web design agency AIMS Media. Read more about it here alongside some insight from 1st Corporate Security’s Managing Director.

A Message From Colin Ruddie

“2017 was by far 1st Corporate Security’s most successful year so far. 2017 seen us winning key contracts with Trinity Shopping Centre, Cameron Toll and Centenary House to name a few. Going into 2018 we really wanted to capitalise on last year’s success and part of our continual growth plan was to launch a new website.” – Colin Ruddie Managing Director, 1st Corporate Security.

The Background

Colin Contacted AIMS Media, a local web design and digital marketing agency in Glasgow, to discuss a complete overhaul of the existing website. Key aims for the website were to:

  • Create a clean appearance that represents the company’s overall brand image of professionalism in its field.
  • Show case industry recognised certifications, such as OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety and 1st Corporate Security’s SIA Approved Contractor status.
  • Deliver more in-depth content to explain in more detail 1st Corporate Security’s unique market offering.

The Project

From start to finish the project has taken 2 months. In this time 1st Corporate Security have also added additional photos to their site. These new photos use members off staff who are actively carrying out their role. Can you spot any familiar faces?

The team at AIMS Media got the design near perfect on the first draft. This result was achievable by management working hands-on with the development team at AIMS Media. After a couple of small changes the site was ready to launch.

The Future For 1st Corporate Security.

Moving forward for 1st Corporate there will be a clear focus on growing our online presence. In 2018 the security industry is facing a fundamental shift towards more customer-centric values. In this respect it is vital that 1st Corporate Security embrace these changes and becomes as transparent and accessible as possible. 1st Corporate Security’s new website reflects these changes.