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Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles

1st Corporate Security's Mission Vision & Guiding Principles

1st Corporate Security has always been clear about operating in a way that is consistent and transparent to customers and employees.

With that in mind, we have captured our desired cultural traits and business aspirations within our Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles and these form an integral part of our ongoing communications strategy with staff.

  • Vision

  • To continually develop an organisational culture that supports our customers through well motivated and responsive employees and enable sustainable, long term relationships to ensue.

  • Mission

  • To be seen as THE Corporate Security Supplier of choice in Scotland for both customers and employees.

  • Guiding Principles

  • Our management philosophy is to operate at all times with 1st Guiding Principles (FIRST) and engender a culture where all Stakeholders are truly valued.

We places great emphasis on teamwork and partnership and has a management style that complements the desire of 1st Corporate Security to be different.

First Guiding Principles

  • Fairness

  • Employees are to treat others with equality and show no favour towards any one individual.

  • Integrity

  • Employees are to act at all times with openness and honesty and ensure their actions are always done with best of intentions.

  • Respect

  • Employees are to show consideration to all colleagues and customers regardless of their individual opinions and views and treat them accordingly.

  • Safety

  • Employees are to work in a manner that protects themselves and others from exposure to any undue risks associated with their work and report immediately any concerns.

  • Trust

  • Employees are to act in a confidential manner at all times and protect customer interest through careful consideration of how they communicate whether verbal or written.