1st Corporate Security staff member, Nichola Johnston, has been commended for her admirable and helpful work at Centenary House in Glasgow.

Last week Nichola Johnston was involved in a first aid incident after an 8-week pregnant woman fainted at reception. According to building manager, Nick Beaton, Nicola handled the situation “admirably,” despite having no first aid training.  

“At around 8:45 in the morning, NFU staff member came to the reception desk and was complaining of feeling dizzy. The staff member then fainted upon which Nichola and another staff member broke the girl’s fall and helped her lay down.

“Nichola immediately called an ambulance and comforted Michele while waiting on the paramedics,” Nick says. Unaware of the woman’s pregnancy at the time, Nichola remained calm and communicated well with the emergency operator.

This hasn’t been the first time that Nichola’s work has been commended, as Nick reveals; “I have received numerous positive feedbacks from tenants and visitors on the professional, courteous and positive demeanour she has at reception. This is another example of how valuable Nichola has become to Centenary House.

“1st Corporate Security have an internal award scheme I am delighted to recommend Nichola for recognition of the job she is doing here,” he continues.

Joe Woods and Colin Ruddie from 1st Corporate Security met with Nichola later to thank her and formally recognise her outstanding work. She was also awarded with a £50 cheque. Joe says; “She is a fantastic member of staff who we are proud to have.”

“Our corporate concierge teams are solid additions to any corporate building. This story builds strongly on our aim to properly integrate staff into the buildings they work in, making the integral members of staff. Corporate concierges continually have their finger on the pulse of a building and are expertly trained on how to handle most situations calmly.”