The retail industry directly employs nearly one in every ten workers in the UK and supports millions more indirectly. The industry is going through a period of unprecedented structural change with increasing cost pressures. These challenges have heightened the impact retail crime has on jobs, communities and people throughout the UK.

A snapshot of retail crime in the UK

  • The total direct cost of retail crime has risen to just over 700m.
  • The rate of total violence with injuries has doubled in a year to 6% of retail staff, this relates to 16 staff per day.
  • The direct cost of customer theft has grown by 15% to 65m per year.
  • The direct cost of Fraud has fallen by 27m.

The three types of retail crime

Retail crime generally falls into three categories:

  1. The professional: these people will work in groups. One or two will distract staff whilst another group will carry out the crime. These groups will also intimidate staff to make their escape.
  2. The addiction sufferer: persons who have an addiction will steal to feed that addiction. This addiction could be drugs, alcohol or even gambling addiction. These people will steal in order to sell the goods and feed their addiction.
  3. The opportunist: This person will see an opportunity and act. For example, an open box or unattended area.

How retail security officers make your store less vulnerable

  • When shoplifters know there is a retail security officer in store, they are less likely to target the shop.
  • When shoplifters get away with stealing once, it’s likely they’ll return.
  • Retail security officers can recognise suspicious looking regular customers and keep an eye on them whenever they enter.
  • Shoplifters will soon realise that they’re being watched and will stop visiting.

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The true return on investment retail security officers provide

At 1st Corporate we work with a range of partners to find better ways to tackle retail crime. The total overall cost of retail crime within the UK is more than £700 million per year. This is a 6 per cent increase in 12 months.

Every penny which criminals take is a penny that cannot be reinvested in jobs, communities and customers. At 1st Corporate Security we work with our Partners to keep staff safe in working environments that are free from fear of threats and violence. This is the number one priority of our retail security officers.

How retail security improves customer service

Within retail environments customer service is paramount. The customer will always feel secure knowing there is a retail security officer on hand.

1st Corporate Security has a long, outstanding commitment to offering great customer service. All of our security officers are trained to offer high standards of customer service in retail environments.

Carrying out high visibility patrols in areas where high-value stock is sold means our retail security officers interact closely with customers.

Customer service and communication are both key when identifying potential criminals amongst genuine customers. Retail security officers who have the ability to properly communicate are the key to preventing retail crime.  

1st Corporate Security – Expertise in Retail Security

At 1st Corporate Security we train all of our retail security staff to our stringent standards. Our Management team have over 18 years retail crime and loss prevention experience.

Joe Woods states “Retail officers need to be equipped to deal with all issues. Their main role is to Deter theft and violence in the first place. This is done by showing a physical presence and completing high profile patrols in areas where high-value goods are sold “

1st Corporate Security’s management have a level of expertise within the retail industry and will work with their clients to establish a good retail crime policy and help builds procedures.

Retail security Officers must also comply with the law mainly in section 1 The Theft Act 1968. All 1st Corporate Security staff are given adequate training regarding the Theft Act and are comfortable incorporating it into their day-to-day professional capacity.

1st Corporate Security train all our staff in “ACT” action counters terrorism the new government initiative