Staff safety is a key concern for every business. But what most organisations may not understand is how corporate security can aid in an organisation’s success.

What is Corporate Security?

Corporate security involves organising policies, procedures and people to help protect a corporation’s staff, assets and information.

How can Corporate Security Secure Business Growth?


The key way in which corporate security can enhance a business and secure growth is by providing a safe environment for staff. A safe environment is often overlooked, but most key players in corporate real estate will have an active corporate security strategy.

Creating a secure environment can boost employee comfort by differing degrees depending on the type of industry. Having trained and capable staff on hand in particular industries can let employees relax and get on with their job without the stress of having to personally deal with confrontational situations.


corporate security personnel are one piece of the overall corporate security package. However, more and more businesses are seeing the benefits a corporate concierge can bring to an organisation.

The corporate real estate industry is seeing the benefit a concierge service can give their business by giving tenant’s staff 1st class, hotel-style concierge. This help tenants to attract and retain top talent.


Terrorism is a real threat for businesses today. Businesses may be targeted by terrorists to harm the economy or advance a terrorist organisation’s political agenda. At 1st Corporate Security we keep anti-terrorism training and policy at the top of our robust agenda.

Most medium to large companies have an anti-terrorism policy. Indeed, groups such as Tech Against Terrorism have been formed to help organisations and industries. tackle terrorism.

Protection of Assets

One of the most important aspects of corporate security is the protection of physical assets and people. Our highly trained corporate security officers are fully trained to keep your assets and people moving in and around your building safely.

Why 1st Corporate Security?

1st Corporate Security are leaders in the field of corporate security. We take highly skilled people that thrive in customer-facing roles and integrate them within an organisation. Personable skills are important in corporate security as it is becoming more and more customer facing. 1st class corporate security can often be a keystone in an organisation’s customer service strategy. This is why we believe strongly in providing highly skilled yet personable corporate security personnel for our customers.

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