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Joe Woods

Joe Woods – 1st Corporate Security’s Operations Director

Joe’s career began with Sabrewatch Security in East Grinstead working there for 5 years, as a fraud investigator, going undercover to various corporate retail and corporate locations. Acting as new member of staff and establishing himself, Joe would try and discover crime within the premises. Joe worked for a number of high-profile clients including M&S, Sainsbury’s. Joe eventually moved on to becoming the area manager.
Moving to VSG, Joe took over as Area Manager looking after various Retail, Corporate and Static Industrial sites. This is where Joe met Colin Ruddie, 1st Corporate Security’s managing director.

“I left VSG to work with Colin Ruddie, someone I have known for over ten years, someone I can trust. I have always believed that staff are the most important people in the security industry. We work in a people industry and people are our main asset. I treat all my staff with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Clients respect me for my honesty and my knowledge of this industry. “