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Penetration Testing

What is Physical Penetration Testing?

Physical penetration testing, or a pen test, is where we simulate someone trying to break into your warehouse or corporate building. It is important to review all the security systems and procedures. A lot of companies spending money on security systems would be surprised just how easy it is for someone to simply walk into your office or warehouse and compromise assets.

A lot of penetration testing revolves around online security, for example hacking a website or application. We specialize in physical pen testing only.

This service goes hand in hand with our security audits.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Highlighting Existing Flaws – by testing your organisation’s security we can identify any flaws, alongside identifying actionable solutions to combat these flaws.

Avoid Damaging Trust – A breach in your security can destroy the trust of buyers or tenants. By regularly testing your warehouse or corporate office’s security you are doing everything in your power to stay ahead of would-be intruders.

Evaluation of Policies – Our penetration testing teams are all highly trained in health and safety alongside other security policies. These need to be regularly reviewed to ensure your policies are up to date with current legislation.

Peace of Mind – Having your security regularly tested is a preventative measure. Would-be intruders are deterred by companies who regularly review their security giving you full peace of mind.

Our Penetration Testing Method

During our pen testing process, selected individuals conduct a thorough and professional test on existing security protocols and report back on findings. The examples below outline two standard physical penetration tests we would usually carry out. In every case we will review an organisations security policies to make sure they are up to date and staff have the relevant security training.

1st Corporate Security understand that every building’s security differs. The below are just standard examples. We are very flexible with our approach and our trained teams are highly experienced in gauging the full scope of a pen test.

Warehouse Physical Penetration Testing

For warehouse pen testing we identify if someone can get in to the warehouse and steal something or access restricted parts of the building. We first try to simply walk up and enter by trying the lock. Next, we will check both security personnel and gatehouses to see if we are challenged appropriately. During our visit we will also test all electronic and physical blocks such as CCTV, electronic exits, turnstiles, auto gates and auto locks.

Corporate Office Physical Penetration Testing

Like warehouse penetration testing, when conducting a corporate office penetration test we will identify if someone can walk into tenant’s offices without being challenged. Firstly we simply try to walk past reception unchallenged. Next we will see what parts of the building we can access without being challenged, taking into account where (if at all) swipe passes and locks are used. 1st Corporate Security also assess if security staff are friendly when challenging.

Why 1st Corporate Security

At 1st Corporate Security our team are highly trained. We offer full service physical penetration tests with all the appropriate information gathering, threat modelling, vulnerability analysis, exploitation and reporting techniques required.

Our executive team are very hands on and are experienced in gauging the full scope of a project.

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