1st Corporate Security has been working alongside the Lothian Veterans’ Centre in Edinburgh, helping to get ex-servicemen and women get back into work.

Following a meeting at the centre, Joe Woods, manager at 1st Corporate Security, was introduced to the veteran’s club and learned about the history of the service. Joe also informed the club on the work of 1st Corporate Security, hoping to employ reliable staff and to help get some veterans back to employment.

The Lothian Veterans’ Centre was officially opened in 2014, however, the charity has been around since 2009.  The aim of the centre is to create a welcoming & friendly environment and offer support for ex-service personnel and their families across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Joe Woods says that working with LVC is a win-win for both 1st Corporate and the veterans’ centre, as vacancies will get filled and ex-veterans can join the industry.

“The industry will work by all staff having to have an SIA badge so our expert knowledge in this area is great. What they have asked is if we can provide the knowledge to talk people through this process they will then found the training and once we have people trained up we will have a pool to pick from,” says Joe.

“The team have put out on their Facebook page and website asking if anyone is interested in training for their licence. Once we have interest from candidates, I go through the training requirements. Those still interested are booked on a training course which is fully funded by the veteran’s club. After they have passed and obtained this licence then we will interview them and offer them employment.”

This is one of the many ways we are engaging with our local community to help ex-veterans back into work.