A corporate concierge is typically found in a hotel’s lobby or reception area. However, nowadays, corporate concierges are becoming more common in apartment and office blocks. Having a building concierge is a great convenience – they’re there to make everyone’s day that little bit easier. Here’s exactly why every building needs one;

Improve staff’s mood

Corporate concierges can have a positive impact on staff who are based in the building. They are there to take care of certain duties which can help minimise the stress and anxiety of others. Because of this, staff are more motivated and productive when working. Increased motivation and productivity leads to better outcomes for the business.

Create a good impression

Concierge services are considered elite. Therefore, having one in a building is going to make it look sophisticated and well taken care of. New visitors will walk away with a great first impression of the building. This adds a sense of competition and superiority in comparison to other buildings without a concierge. Corporate concierges are key to organisations in strengthening relationships with key customers.

Provide great service

All corporate concierges are fully trained professionals in providing top quality customer service. They can meet almost any requirement. A committed concierge should be happy to take care of anything and do everything to ensure staff and visitors are satisfied. Providing excellent services is there primary job role.

Point of contact

Staff and visitors will always have the one person to go to with any queries and concerns. A concierge is a familiar and friendly face, who can build good relationships with those around them. They are the people who know the building inside and out and who’ll always be there to offer support.

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Time savers

Thanks to concierge’s helping hands, they are time savers for those based in the building. They’re there to help with anything, from admin duties, bookings and even personal responsibilities. They say that using a corporate concierge is the best way to buy time.

Your money will go far when you use a corporate concierge, given all of their capabilities as mentioned above. 1st Corporate Security offers professional concierge services. To find out more you can contact us here.