Nowadays, the importance of physical security in the workplace is usually overlooked by network security. It’s often the case that network security audits are more regular and considered more important than physical security audits. However, we should never really underestimate the importance of regular physical security audits in the workplace.

Physical security audits assess the workplace layout, the number and location of access points, security officers and security technology. An assessment of these can usually flag up major security issues. Here is why it’s important to regularly physically audit all of these security measures:


Security audits assess various aspects of the workplace layout. They assess if the layout creates places that intruders could hide and if the area is lit well enough for guards and employees. A physical security audit may also assess the external layout and if it too has potential hiding spots. It’s important to have the layout regularly assessed as it’s likely that it will have changed in some way in the past 12 months.

Number and Location of Access Points

It’s important to audit the number and location of access points too. Access points include:

  • doors
  • gates
  • turnstiles
  • windows
  • elevators and stairwells

All of these points are safety exists, so it’s vital to regularly check that they are all in good working order. Doors must be able to properly open and close and windows should all be lockable. It’s things like these that are easy to damage and will ultimately impact how secure the workplace is.

Security Officers

Regular security audits could end up saving your business some money. They assess how well security officers are working and if they are doing their job correctly. They’ll also tell you if you’re really gaining anything from having them there. Different security officers often come and go. Some may do their job better than others. If an audit finds that the business would be better off without one, you could possibly save it some money. 

Physical security technology

All workplaces tend to have some form of security technology installed. CCTV cameras being the most common. However, technology can be unreliable and inconsistent, so for it to remain true to its purpose it must be regularly audited. Physically security technology audits assess if CCTV cameras secure access points and if it works adequately both during the day and at night. Only experienced professionals should carry out the physical audits of security technology.

Staff at 1st Corporate Security are all trained and experienced professionals in performing physical security audits. If you’d like to find more out about of physical security auditing service, you can read more here, or don’t hesitate to contact us.